[Review] A magical and lyrical reading experience : Uprooted by Naomi Novik

Published in 2015 by Del Rey editions, Uprooted is Naomi Novik's first standalone novel. The novel tells the story of young Agnieszka, who loves her home valley of Dvernik, its forest, and its shining rivers. However, the corrupted Wood stands on the border of her village, and its shadows seem to keep moving forward, destroying …

[ Review ] The Binding – Bridget Collins

The Binding is a novel full of magic, mystery and love. It is the story of a lost boy who will discover the most important parts of himself through books. As a reader, and a lover of books and writer myself, I could not resist to dive into this novel and adore it — the metaphor running along the novel being so representative of how readers conceive books. Even though, in reality, books don't hold the same tangible kind of magid, they still have power in every sense of the word.