Five albums you should consider listening while reading

Music has always had a great importance in my life, and rare are the times when I don’t listen to some music. Cooking, working, writing, cleaning, walking, studying, all those simple life tasks that I do on an every day basis, I prefer to perform them with music. Reading – since it is one of my favourite activites – is a moment when I like to light a candle, prepare a herbal infusion, take my blanket and cuddle up in my sofa but also listen to music.

Since I require concentration to understand the book I am reading, I need soft but entertaining music. If, like me, you enjoy listening to some music while reading, this selection is made for you !

Bon Iver by Bon Iver is one of my favourite albums. In fact, Bon Iver could be considered my favourite artists. I love how he creates a soothing and comforting sound without omitting the ‘epic’ dimension to some of his songs. « Holocene » for example is my favourite song of all times since it reflects this idea that no man could be greater that the world and the nature he lives in, and it helps me get perspective regarding the choices I make, and regarding my negative feelings.

Writing of Blues and Yellows by Billie Marten has that soft sound which have certain similiraties to some lullabies that I used to sing my sister to sleep. The clear tone of the guitar or piano really helps my mind to focus. It is also a great album to listen to while studying or writing. My favourite song being « Lionhearted », I think it represents the whole spirit of the album.

Since its release day, Folklore accompanies almost every step I take in my life. I also find its sound very soothing, and calm. Although, if you expect an album which will not awaken deep emotions, Folklore is not the one for you ! Swift’s songs can be very overwhelming such as « Exile » or « Tears Ricochet » Although if, like me, you are able to focus only on the sound of a music if you decide to, Folklore has those sweet melodies that’ll help you focus on your reading.

I discovered Sufjan Stevens with its song « Mistery of Love », since it was my favourite music on the Call Me By Your Name soundtrack. Later, when I used to go to the tattoo shop, my tattoist would always listen to this album. It was so calm and soothing that I immediatly added it to my favourite albums. It is one of the rare artists that I can listen to while completely omitting the lyrics and focus only on the sound that the artist creates.

Supertramp ! I know we’re a little bit out of chord here with all my ‘soft and calming’ taste in music but this album is perfect for thrillers and polars. It is so energetic and positive that it helps me dive in the novel with frenesy. Breakfast in America is also one of my favourite albums more peculiarly the songs « Take the Long Way Home » and « Oh Darling » For instance, when I read any Joël Dicker’s novel, I immediately play this album.

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