[Review] Burn our Bodies down by Rory Power

Written by the amazing Rory Power — who is also the author of Wilder Girls — and published by Delacore Press in July 2020, Burn Our Bodies Down is a horror thriller in which we meet Margot Nielsen who is in a quest to find where she comes from.

Indeed, ever since her birth, she had always lived with her mom and the latter had always refused to tell Margot about her family. Hence, she has no clues about who might be the rest of her relatives and the fact that she does not get along with her mother increases her need to unbury her roots.

One day, as she finds a photograph of her family, she decides to go and seek for it, in a town called Phalene. There, she will discover one thing : why her mother left and never decided to never come back. However, whether it was to escape or to simply protect her child, Margot will soon understand that once she set foot in Phalene, she might never escape.

Margot is a very complicated but in the same time amazingly simple character. What I loved about her is that her thoughts were always clearly written. In other words, Rory Power did not beat about the bush, and whenever her main character felt angry, she wrote it. The novel is written with a first person narrative, and as much as I adore the third person narrative, I have to admit that this choice of narration really helped me dive into the novel. The fact that the author chose to write in the present also intensifies all the strange events of the story.

This YA thriller is so weird and creepy, and the outcome of the story is one I must have never thought of. The climax of the novel is so intense that it was impossible for me to let the book down. This page-turner is literally jaw-dropping. Let it be Margot’s discoveries, or the way her family turns out to be, this book is full of secrets. And the secrets, they are ! Oh my, they are so freaky and messed up, I honestly wonder where Rory Power gets hold of this type of imagination.

If you are looking for a sordid story to read for Halloween, this might be the novel ! After her horror and sapphic novel Wilder Girls, Rory Power fully explores the absurdity of the horror genre in Burn Our Bodies Down.

Note : 4.5 sur 5.

One Reply to “[Review] Burn our Bodies down by Rory Power”

  1. Alright, so first of all, this cover is absolutely breathtaking! I can’t get over it! I’m swooning! Secondly, while I really don’t like anything scary *at all* – this sounds intriguing. Something more suspenseful than anything else. I’m fascinated by the plot and I might just need to add it to my TBR. I loved your review!


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