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About the blog

L’Encre de Jupiter has been up since September 2019 first known Jupiter’s Ink. It has suffered many editorial and design changes and it may still change throughout the years but I have now found its editorial slant. Based on literary review, L’Encre de Jupiter is a literary blog which tends to focus more on modern and contemporary anglophone literature, as well as on fantasy, greek mythology and feminist writings.

In the first place, the blog has been created for professional purposes but along the blogging experience, it has become a true source of joy and happiness. The name of the blog comes from the name of the starred-cat : Jupiter. While creating it, I wanted its name to be personnal without omitting its creative, journalistic and reviewing purpose. Jupiter also being a latin God, and a planet, I thought it would be quite poetic and reflective of my literary tastes in mythology.

The blog used to be written in French as well as in English but since I have now entered a master degree in English feminist and modernist literature, it is quite obvious that the people I want to target are English speaking readers. For the reason that my professional goal is to become a literary reviewer and journalist specialized in English literature, I wanted my blog to follow my professional desires. Although, if I happen to notice that many of my readers come from France and do not speak English, I might reconsider the option of including a translation.

About the creator

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I am Loïne, a twenty-year old student in English literature and reading has always occupied an important place in my life. From Little Brown Bears to Virginia Woolf, passing through Nancy Drew, Rick Riordan, J.K Rowling and many more, I always loved reading. When I was sad, angry, or overwhelmed, books have been a true shelter under which I could always, and will always be able to, take refuge. It was in high school that I really developed a passion for English literature. Indeed, for those who do not know, in France, all high school students had the possibility to choose a specific course of study, and I happened to choose the literary one. I could also choose a speciality and so I listened to my love for languages and specialized in English.

My relationship with English is quite odd since I had the chance, since the beginning of elementary school, to attend some English classes. Until then, I never stopped speaking English and it has now officially become my second language. I have always loved learning new languages, and there was even a period in my life where I could speak four languages : French as a mother tongue, English as second language and Spanish and Italian as last languages. It is in university that I decided to really focus on English literature and so, I admit, I quite quit Spanish and Italian even though those are tongues that I can still understand, read and write.

While creating L’Encre de Jupiter, I did not know whether the blog would succeed or not. It would be untrue to say that it did not matter to me since it was mostly a website created to prove that I could master web-journalism. The projects that I have not been successful and so, throughout last summer, I put the blog on pause and took time to think. I wondered three major things : whether I liked writing reviews, whether it still mattered to me even though it might still not have anything to do with my studies, and whether journalist was still something that I aspired to be .

Time was necessary for me to gather all the answers to these introspections. But with the end of the summer, me and my friends being back to school, my master paper finally blooming in my mind, I realized that literature, criticism, and reviewing were really important. Besides, blogging has allowed me to develop new passions as well as photography ! And even though books are my main models, I really enjoy photographing Paris, and my friends.

To conclude, blogging has now become my major hobby, and I really wish for it to become my main occupation. Until then…. I will keep reading and writing reviews.

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