Contacts and Review Policy

As a bookblogger, I am accepting books for review. I accept any format, even though I prefer paper copies. All of my reviews are carefully written by my hands, with all my honesty and sincere opinion. If you wish to send me a book or if you have any other request, you can contact me via this form. I usually respond within two or three days.

I accept all genres from all authors but I prefer if the book you are sending me vesiculates a feminist message or at least doesn’t include misogyny. I do not accept books that vehiculate any message of hate towards minorities (women, people of color, LGBTQIA+ members)

I am also a Netgalley member, which means I have access to multiple Advanced Readers Copies.

If you wish to send me a review, or have any suggestions, you can write me at or fill in the following form.